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Industrial Engineering Study Notes (Hand Written)

Industrial Engineering

Following Topics Are Covered (In Detail):

Introduction and Break Even Analysis :

  • Production System
  • Productivity
  • Cost in Production
  • BEA
  • Revenue
  • Break even chart
  • Break even point


  • Inventory Cost and Classification
  • Characteristics of Inventory Model
  • Inventory review system
  • Notations of Inventory Model
  • Deterministic Model
  • Total Inventory cost
  • EOQ
  • Production model or Build up model
  • Shortage model
  • Probabilistic Model
  • Inventory Control and Classification


  • N-Jobs on One machine (Shortage processing time, Earliest due date, critical ratio rule, Slack time remaining rule). 
  • N-Jobs on Two Machine
  • Gantt Chart
  • N-Jobs on Three Machine


  • Types of Network Diagram
  • Fulkerson’s Rule
  • Difference Between PERT & CPM
  • Critical Path
  • Crashing or time – cost model


  • Types of demand variation
  • Type of Forecast (Judgemental Forecasting, Quantitative Forecasting)
  • Exponential smoothing process
  • Responsiveness or Stability
  • Forecast error
  • Casual or Econometric Method
  • Linear Regression Analysis
  • Least square method

Line Balancing:

  • Terms associated with assembly balancing line
  • Methods of line balancing


  • Characteristics of Queuing model
  • Representation of Queuing Model
  • Little’s Law

Work Study:

  • Recording Techniques (Process chart, Time scale chart, Diagram, SIMO chart)
  • Time – Study
  • Work sampling or Activity sampling

Quality Control:

  • Quality cost
  • Value of Quality
  • Variation
  • Control chart
  • X chart
  • R chart
  • Attribute Control chart (P-chart, C-chart)
  • Acceptance sampling
  • Sampling plan
  • Operating characteristic curve

Linear Programming:

  • Graphical Method
  • Optimality
  • Binding and Non  Binding
  • Simplex Method
  • Big-M Method
  • Duality
  • Transportation
  • North west corner method
  • Row minima
  • Column Minima
  • Least cost method or matrix minima
  • Vogel’s Approximation Method
  • Optimality (Stepping stone’s Method, MODI Method)
  • Assignment
  • Hungarian Method (Flood’s Technique)

MRP and Value Engg:

  • Structure of MRP
  • Difference B/W MRP & JIT
  • Product life cycle


Length: 260

Size: 29MB


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