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Heat And Mass Transfer Study Notes (Hand Written)

Heat and mass transfer

Following Topics Are Covered (In Detail): 

Basic Concepts

  • Introduction
  • Temprature
  • Heat flux
  • Mechanism of heat transfer

Conduction Heat Transfer

  • Fourier’s Law
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Thermal Diffusivity
  • Cartesian Co-ordinate System
  • Cylindrical Co-ordinate System
  • Spherical Co-ordinate System
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Composite walls
  • Heat conduction through hollow Cylinder
  • Heat conduction through hollow Sphere
  • Critical radius of Insulation
  • Conductive – Convective System


  • Free and Forced Convection
  • Hydrodynamic Boundary Layer
  • Von-karman approximate integral solution
  • Thermal Boundary Layer
  • Prandtal Number
  • Nusselt Number
  • Stanton number
  • Natural Convection (Free Convection)
  • Grashof Number

Thermal Radiation

  • Spectral Distribution / Spectrum
  • Emissivity / Emittance
  • Monochromatic Radiation / Spectral Emissive Power
  • Plank’s Law
  • Wien’s Displacement law
  • Intensity of Radiation
  • View factor / Configuration factor / Shape factor / Geometric factor
  • Absorptivity, Reflecting and Transmissivity
  •  Radiation Shielding
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Log Mean temperature difference (LMTD)
  • Effectiveness

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