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IC Engine Study Notes (Hand Written)

IC Engine

Following Topics Are Covered (In Detail)

  • Cycle
  • Reversible (Quasi static process) and Irreversible Process
  • Enthalpy
  • Ideal Cycle for IC Engines,
  • Relation between P&T and V&T for an adiabatic process.
  • Working of constant volume cycle or Otto cycle
  • Constant pressure cycle or Diesel cycle
  • Mean effective pressure (Pm or mep).
  • The Dual Combination cycle or the Semi Diesel cycle,
  • Working of a four stroke petrol engine.
  • Two Stroke engine
  • Mechanical efficiency, Brake work Done, Power, Heat added and Thermal efficiency.
  • Specific fuel consumption.


  • Difference between (two stroke & four stroke petrol engine, Petrol engine & diesel engine, the Theoretical and Actual four stroke petrol engine, Theoretical and actual valve timing of four stroke petrol engine).
  • Actual P-V Diagram for Diesel Engine
  • Preignition or Misfiring


  • Testing of IC Engine (Morse Key Test)
  • Super charging
  • Carburetors 
  • Simple plain tube carburetor
  • Air Fuel Ratio
  • Fuel flow
  • Air Fuel ratio for In-compressible flow of Air
  • Diesel Fuel Injection
  • Advanced Carburetor System
  • Idling System
  • The Accelerating System
  • The Economiser or Metering Rod system
  • Choke Valve
  • Analysis of Fuel and Exhaust gas
  • Product of Combustion


  • Pollution In Exhaust Gases
  • Methods of Preventing pollution in Exhaust Gas
  • Unleaded Petrol
  • Rating of Fuel
  • Equivalence ratio
  • Combustion in IC Engine
  • Abnormal Combustion in SI Engines
  • Detonation
  • Spark
  • Combustion in CI Engines
  • Knocking in CI Engine Atomization


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