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Physical Chemistry (Class 12) Handwritten Color Notes PDF

Physical Chemistry Study Notes or Guide PDF For (Class 12)

Physical chemistry grade class 12 handwrotten color notes

Hi guys, if you are searching for Physical chemistry handwritten study notes to take help in complete your course and get to revision in shot time for exam preparation, then NewtonDesk is the only solution for you to save your time. NewtonDesk Creative Study guide or notes will help you to Ace your class in chemistry. 

Our Study notes are legible and easy to understand! we make good notes to study for your exam preparation! The content of our notes is derived from a variety of best resources which includes: Internet, Textbooks, and Videos. 

These are extremely helpful and easy to locate what topic you’re looking for! Every college introductory course may teach differently in terms of topics, So we have included a list of topics below

Topics Include in Physical Chemistry (Grade 12 / Class 12) Notes: 

– Types of Reaction
– Rate Law
– Molecularity
– Pseudo First order reaction
– Pseudo Uni-molar reaction
– Zero order reaction
– First order Reaction
– nth order Reaction
– Collision Theory
– Other Important topics
– Molarity
– Molality
– Mole Fraction
– Strength
– Normality
– Law of Equivalence
– Concept of Dilution
– Vapour Pressure
– Reoult’s Law
– Dalton Law
– Idea & Non-Ideal Solution
– Azeotropic Mixture
– Colligative Properties
– Vant-Haff Factor
– Osmosis & Osmotic Pressure
– Henry’s Law
– Types of Cell
– Conductors
– Resistance and Conductance
– Temperature & Dilution
– Kohrlaush Law
– Galvanic / Voltaic Cell
– Daniel Cell
– Reference Electrode
– Electrochemical Series
– Nernst Equation
– Concentration Cell
– Electrolytic Cell
– Faraday’s first & second Law

Physical View of Physical Chemistry Notes 

chemical kinetics solution and electro chemistry study notes

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All topics (chemical kinematics, Solution, Electrochemistry) of Physical Chemistry has been covered and very nicely organized with visually appealing handy notes! Students or teachers will definitely get to love these notes!

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