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Class 12 Biology (Chapters 1-16) Handwritten Notes PDF

Class 12 Biology Handwritten Color Notes PDF (Chapter 1 to 16)

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Class 12 Biology notes covered all chapter 1-16 of NCERT or CBSE High school, It is the most important subject of NEET medical entrance exam and makes it mandatory for every student to have good understanding of all the concepts of it. 

I know you’re looking for best handwritten notes of Biology, that would help you to ace in academic exams and for further Medical studies or graduation in biology field. All Biology students need to clear all the concepts of this subject, before entering in the Medical field. No doubt, Physics & Chemistry is also mandatory, but biology is the base of medical studies.

However, looking around the most prevalent and actual problem seems to appear, when we seek for virtuous notes in the digital world. Therefore, we make it easy for you by providing you the best content Premium Notes of toppers in a well-designed manner, that will surely assist in better concentration and in acquiring both knowledge and grades. These study notes are specifically designed for class 12 biology for cbse Academic exams and NEET competitive exams etc…

We have put our finest efforts to clear your concepts through these notes.

Why NewtonDesk Study Notes is Important?

Students these days are so busy in expensive classes for exam preparation which ultimately result in loss of money as well time. But, undoubtedly, at last what genuinely help them is self study. Not getting proper guidance, proper study material regarding self study get them in trouble. So, NewtonDesk team has began this program with the help of Toppers and Highly experienced teachers to present you with best content Digital notes, specially designed for self study.

Key Features of Aesthetic Biology Notes Class 12 (Plus two) NEET
(1) All Depth Concepts with Solved Problems (will help to High Score in Exams).
(2) High Quality Scanned Pages. 
(3) All Stuff Written in well design manner.
(4) Colored Creative Notes will help you to keep your Focus for a Long Time.
(5) Latest Notes for Upcoming exams 2023.

Note:- Unlike reading from books, there is a Magic to reading from our handwritten colored notes. We highly recommend you to do the Study with our Creative Notes.

Notes Price:- These Notes are not expensive as comparison to our experts hard work, But it depends on you, that what is important for you, Money or Quality Content. If you are serious student about this subject, we hope you will go for the quality content, and for this, we ensure you will never regret your decision after buy these High school Senior Biology notes for plus two. It’s like a TREASURE for students to Ace in Academic and Competitive Exams, Never missed it.

Goal of Biology 12 Study Notes
Helpful Exam:
     NEET Exams, IBO

Targeted Exam:      High school Senior Academic Exams Like Grade 12 / Class 12 Biology, IB Biology

Topics covered in Class 12 Biology Notes CBSE In Chapter 1 to 16 : –

Reproduction (Unit 1)

Genetics & Evolution (Unit 2)

(1) Chapter 1 – Reproduction In Organism (Modes of Reproduction, Asexual Reproduction, Types of Sexual Reproduction, Sexual Reproduction)
(2) Chapter 2 – Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants (Development of Male & Female Gametophytes, Pollination, Out Breeding Devices, Pollen-Pistil Interaction, Double Fertilization, Post Fertilization events, Special Modes of Fruit Formation, Significance of Seed and Fruit Formation)
(3) Chapter 3 – Human Reproduction (Male Reproductive System, Female Reproductive System, Microscopic Anatomy of Testis and Ovary, Gametogenesis, Menstrual Cycle, Fertilization to Implantation, Pregnancy and Placenta Formation, Parturition, Lactation,
(4) Chapter 4 – Reproductive Health (Birth Control, Amino Centesis, Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technologies)
(1) Chapter 5 – Heredity & Variation (Some Genetical Term, Heredity and Its Transmission, Pre Mendelism, Mendelism, Post Mendelism, Polygenic Inheritance, Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance, Chromosomes, Genes, Sex Determination In Human Bird Honeybee, Linkage & Crossing Over, Sex Linked Inheritance, Mendelian Disorder In Human, Thalassemia, Chromosomal Disorders, Down’s Syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome)
(2) Chapter 6 – Molecular Basis of Inheritance (Search For Genetic Material, DNA As A Genetic Material, Nucleic Acids, DNA, RNA, DNA Packaging, DNA Replication, Central Dogma, Transcription, Genetic Code, Translation, Gene Expression & Regulation, Prokaryotic Gene Regulation, Eukaryotic Gene Regulation, Human Genome Project, DNA Finger Printing)
(3) Chapter 7 – Evolution – Origin of Life (Theories For Origin of Life, Chemical Evolution, Biological Evolution, Evidence of Biological Evolution, Theories of Biological Evolution, Natural Selection, Reproductive Isolation, Speciation, Mimicry, Gene Flow, Genetic Drift, Hardy-Weinberg Principle, Adaptative Radiation, Human Evolution)

Biology & Human Welfare (Unit 3)

Biotechnology (Unit 4)

(1) Chapter 8 – Human Health & Disease (Basic Concept of Immunology, Cancer, HIV & AIDS, Adolescence, Drug & Alcohol Abuse)
(2) Chapter 9 – Improvement In Food Production (Apiculture & Animal Husbandry)
(3) Chapter 10 – Microbes In Human Welfare (Microbes In Household Food Production, Industrial Production, Sewage Treatment, Biogas Production, Microbes As Biocontrol Agents, Microbes As Biofertilizers)
(1) Chapter 11 – Introduction To Biotechnology
(2) Chapter 12 – Application of Biotechnology (Green Biotechnology, Red Biotechnology, White/Grey Biotechnology, Blue Biotechnology)
– Biosafety issues, Biopiracy & Patents on GMO
– Biotechnology in India

Ecology & Environment (Unit 5)

(1) Chapter 13 – Organisms & Environment (Organism & It’s Environment, Population & Ecological Adaptation, Population Interaction, Population Attributes)
(2) Chapter 14 – Ecosystem (Types of Ecosystem, Component of Ecosystem, Productivity, Decomposition, Energy Flow, Pyramid of Ecosystem, Nutrient Cycle, Ecological Succession, Ecological Services)
(3) Chapter 15 – Biodiversity and It’s Conservation (Concept of Biodiversity, Number of Species on Earth, Number of Species on India, Pattern of Biodiversity, Importance of Biodiversity, Loss of Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation, Hot spots, Endangered Species & Red Data Book)
(4) Chapter 16 – Environmental Issues (Air Pollution & Their Effects, Noise Pollution, Water Pollution & It’s Control, Agrochemicals & Their Effects, Solid Waste Management, Radioactive Waste Management, Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming, Ozone Depletion, Deforestation, Special Point)

Note:- Original File Quality is Much Better than Sample

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