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International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) Past Papers Questions

Physics Olympiad (IPhO) Past papers Questions

physics olympiad past papers questions

International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is the Toughest Physics Competition for high School students, which held every year in the month of June – July in a different country. It is also known as the World championship Physics Competition.

The main aim of IPhO Contest is to test the highest level of knowledge in Physics, critical thinking, problem solving, right practices of presentation and analysis, and hands-on skills in theoretical and experimental physics.

Here, High school Students or Physics Olympiad candidates will get all the guidance, Notes and the Past papers of IPhO, that will help you to understand about the level of this test and to achieve High score in this contest.

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We are providing the Past year papers Questions & Solutions of Physics Olympiad (IPhO) from the basic to advance. You could increase your concept up to the high level if you will be able to solve all previous questions. Good Luck!

Year Exam Type Problems Solutions
2019 Theory T1 (Zero-Length Springs and Slinky Coils)
T2 (Physics of Microwave oven)
T3 (Thermoacoustic engine)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Optical Measurements)
E2 (Wiedemann-Franz Law)
  Problem Solution
2018 Theory T1 (LIGO)
T2 (Where Is Neutrino)
T3 (Physics of Live System)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Paper Transistor)
E2 (Viscoelasticity of Polymer Thread)
  Problem Solution
2017 Theory T1 (Dark Matter)
T2 (Earthquake Volcano Tsunami)
T3 (Cosmic Inflation)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Salt Solution)
E2 (Earthquake & Volcanic Sensing)
  Problem Solution
2016 Theory T1 (Two Problems In Mechanics)
T2 (Nonlinear Dynamics In EI-circuits)
T3 (Large Hadron Collider)
    Problem Solution
2015 Theory T1 (Particles From Sun)
T2 (Extremum Principle)
T3 (Design of Nuclear Reactor)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Diffraction Due to Helical Structure)
E2 (Surface Tension Waves on Water)
  Problem Solution

2014 Theory T1 (Three Problems)
T2 (Van der Waals)
T3 (Gas Discharge)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (See Invisible)
2013 Theory T1 (Maribo Meteorite)
T2 (Plasmonic Steam Generator)
T3 (Greenland Ice)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Speed of Light)
E2 (Solar cells)
  Problem Solution
2012 Theory T1 (Focus on Sketches)
T2 (Kelvin Water Dropper)
T3 (Protostar Formation)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Magnetic Permeability of Water)
E2 (Non-linear Black box)
  Problem Solution
2011 Theory T1 (Three-body Problem & LISA)
T2 (Electrified Soap Bubble)
T3 (Scattering of Ion)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Electrical Blackbox)
E2 (Mechnical Blackbox)
  Problem Solution
2010 Theory T1 (Image of Charge In Metallic Object)
T2 (Chimney Physics)
T3 (Model of Atomic Nucleus)
    Problem Solution
2009 Theory T1 (Earth-Moon System)
T2 (Laser Cooling & Optical Molasses)
T3 (Star Size)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Wavelength of Diode Laser)
E2 (Birefringence of MICA)
  Problem Solution
2008 Theory T1 (Rice Pounding Mortar)
T2 (Cherenkov Light)
T3 (Atmosphere)
    Problem Solution
Experimental E1 (Solidification of Crystalline Substance)
E2 (Efficiency of Solar Cell)
  Problem Solution
2007 Theory T1 (Black Hole)
T2 (Air Bags of Automobiles)
T3 (Photometry of Binary Stars)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Semiconductor Thin Films)
  Problem Solution
2006 Theory T1 (Neutron Interferometer)
T2 (Rod In Motion)
T3 (Digital Camera, Hard-boiled Egg, Lightning, Capillary Vessels)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Michelson Interferometer, Thin-film Interference, Total Internal Reflection, Bragg Reflection)
  Problem Solution
2005 Theory T1 (ILL Fated Satellite)
T2 (Measurements of Electrical Quantities)
T3 (Neutrons In Gravity)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Light of Incandescent Lamp)
  Problem Solution

2004 Theory T1 (Ping-pong Resistor)
T2 (Rising Balloon)
T3 (Atomic Probe Microscope)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Mechanical Black box)
  Problem Solution
2003 Theory T1 (Swing with Falling weight)
T2 (Piezoelectric Crystal Resonator)
T3 (Neutrino Mass & Neutron Decay)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Laser Diode, Nematic Liquid Crystal)
  Problem Solution
2002 Theory T1 (Ground-Penetrating Radar)
T2 (Predator & Prey)
T3 (Vehicle Moving on Inclined Road)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Electrolysis)
E2 (Optical Black Box)
  Problem Solution
2001 Theory T1 (Klystron, Intermolecular Distance, Sawtooth Signal Generator, Atomic Beam)
T2 (Binary Star System)
T3 (MHD Generator)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Rotating Liquid)
  Problem Solution
2000 Theory T1 (Bungee Jumper, Heat Engine, Radioactivity & Age of Earth, Spherical Charge, EM Induction)
T2 (Cathode Ray Tube)
T3 (Gravitational Waves)
    Problem Solution
1999 Theory T1 (Absorption of Radiation in Gas)
T2 (Magnetic Field)
T3 (Space Probe To Jupiter)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Torsion Pendulum)
  Problem Solution
1998 Theory T1 (Hexagonal Prism)
T2 (Water Under Ice Cap)
T3 (Faster Than Light)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Magnetic Shielding & Flux Linkage)
  Problem & Solution
1997 Theory T1 (Scalings)
T2 (Nuclear Masses & Stablity)
T3 (Solar Powered Aircraft)
    Problem Solution
1996 Theory T1 (Five problems)
T2 (Electron & Cylinder)
T3 (Moon & tides)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Physical Pendulum)
  Problem & Solution
1995 Theory T1 (Gravitational Red Shift)
T2 (Sound Propagation)
T3 (Cylindrical Buoy)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Terminal velocity)
E2 (Diffraction & Scattering of laser light)
  Problem Solution
1994 Theory T1 (Relativistic Particle)
T2 (Superconducting Magnet)
T3 (Collision of Discs)
    Problem Solution
1993 Theory T1 (Atmospheric Electricity)
T2 (Laser Forces)
T3 (Electron Beam)
    Problem Solution
1992 Theory T1 (Rotating Satellite)
T2 (Linear Molecule)
T3 (Satelite in Sunshine)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Electric Breakdown of Air)
E2 (Grating & Optical Filters)
  Problem & Solution Problem & Solution
1991 Theory & Experimental T1 (Friction on Impact)
T2 (Relativistic Square)
T3 (Cooling Atom By Laser)
E1 (Black Box)
  Problem & Solution
1990 Theory & Experimental T1 (X-ray Diffraction)
T2 (Magnetosphere of Earth)
T3 (Rotating Neutron Star)
E1 (Light-Emitting & Photo Diode)
E1 (Magnetic Field Strength)
  Problem & Solution

1989 Theory & Experimental T1 (Boiling Liquids)
T2 (Rotating Masses)
T3 (Electron Microscope)
E1 (piezoelectric discs)
  Problem & Solution
1988 Theory & Experimental T1 (Spectroscopy of Particle Velocities)
T2 (Maxwell’s Wheel)
T3 (Recombination of Ions)
E1 (Polarized Light)
E2 (Electron Tube)
  Problem & Solution
1987 Theory & Experimental T1 (Ascending Moist Air)
T2 (Electrons In Magnetic field)
T3 (Infinite LC-grid)
E1-E2 (Refractive Indices)
  Problem & Solution
1986 Theory T1 (Interference)
T2 (Seismic waves)
T3 (Masses & Springs)
    Problem Solution
Experimental  E1 (Pendant Water Droplet)
E2 (Microcomputer)
  Problem Solution
1985 Theory & Experimental T1 (Radio Amateur)
T2 (Hall Effect)
T3 (Launching Space Probe out of Solar System)
E1 (Brass Disk)
  Problem & Solution
1984 Theory & Experimental T1 (Transparent Plate)
T2 (Seiching)
T3 (Electronic Frequency Filter)
E1 (Sine Wave Generator)
  Problem & Solution
1983 Theory T1 (Mechanics – Jumping Particle)
T2 (Electricity – Oscillation)
T3 (Optics – Prisms)
T4 (Atomics – Compton Scattering)
T5 (IPhO’s LOGO)
    Problem Solution
1982 Theory & Experimental T1 (Fluorescent lamp)
T2 (Oscillating Coat hanger)
T3 (Hot air Balloon)
T4 (Lens Experiment)
T5 (Motion of Rolling Cylinder)
  Problem & Solution
1981 Theory T1 (Container in vaccum)
T2 (Electric Lamp)
T3 (Radio-astronomical Observatory)
  Problem & Solution
Experimental  E1 (Rubber Cord)
  Problem & Solution
1979 Theory & Experimental T1 (Space Rocket Moving Around Moon)
T2 (Brass weights Used to Weigh Aluminum)
T3 (Optical Location of Moon)
E1 (Rocket Moving along Circular Orbit of Moon)
E2 (Black Box)
  Problem & Solution
1977 Theory T1 (4-Stroke IC engine)
T2 (Frame in Soap Solution)
T3 (Electron Gun)
  Problem & Solution

1976 Theory & Experimental T1 (Hollow Sphere)
T2 (Cylinder & Piston)
T3 (Air Bubble in Glass Sphere)
E1 (Thermal Properties of Crystal Material)
  Problem & Solution
1975 Theory & Experimental T1 (Rotating Rod)
T2 (Thick lens)
T3 (Ions In Magnetic Field)
E1 (Semiconductor Element)
  Problem & Solution
1974 Theory & Experimental T1 (Hydrogen Atom in Ground State)
T2 (Transparent Plate)
T3 (Energy Source)
E1 (Black Box)
  Problem & Solution
1972 Theory & Experimental T1 (Mechanics – 3 Cylinders)
T2 (Molecular Physics – 2 Cylinder)
T3 (Electricity – Capacitor)
E1 (optics – Thin-Lens Plane-Convex)
E2 (Mechanics – 2 Cylindrical Bodies)
  Problem & Solution
1971 Theory & Experimental T1 (Triangular Prism)
T2 (Glass Tube Contain Hydrogen)
T3 (EMF)
E1 (Spherical aquarium)
    Problem Solution
1970 Theory & Experimental T1 (Bar Move Frictionless)
T2 (Natrium Chloride Crystal)
T3 (Thin-walled Metal Sphere)
E1 (Spherical Mirror In Telescope)
  Problem & Solution
1969 Theory & Experimental T1 (Mechanical system of Cart)
T2 (Copper Calorimeter)
T3 (Charged Ball)
E1 (Electromagnetic Radiation)
  Problem & Solution
1968 Theory & Experimental T1 (Inclined Plane)
T2 (Toluene in Glass)
T3 (Light Rays)
E1 (Black Boxes)
  Problem & Solution
1967 Theory & Experimental T1 (Ball)
T2 (Resistors)
T3 (Balls)
E1 (Closed Vessel)
E2 (Specific Heat of Petroleum)
  Problem & Solution


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