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Copernicium Cn (Element 112) of Periodic Table

Copernicium Cn (Element 112) of Periodic Table

112 Cn (Copernicium)

Mass number – 285

Atomic weight – 285.1744 g/mol

Atomic number (Z) – 112

Electrons: 112

Protons: 112

Neutrons: 173

Group – 12

Period – 7

Block – d

Element Category -Transition metal

Electron Configuration – 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p64d105s25p64f145d106s26p65f146d107s2

Electrons per shell – K2, L8, 18M, N32, O32, P18, Q2

Phase – Gas

Boiling point –354±110  K (84±110 oC)

Density when liquid – 23.7 g/cm3

Half life(s): 2400

Life time(s): 3500

Oxidation states – 2, (1), 0

Ionization energies – 1st: 1154.9 kJ/mol, 2nd: 2170 kJ/mol, 3rd:3164.7 kJ/mol

Atomic radius – 147 pm

Covalent radius – 122 pm

Crystal structure – Hexagonal close-packed

Appearance – Highly radioactive metal

CAS Number – 54084-26-3

Naming – After Nicolaus Copernicus

Discovery – By Sigurd Hofmann and colleagues (GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Darmstadt, Germany)(1996)

Isotopes – 286Cn 285Cn & 283Cn

Uses – At present, it is only used in research

Natural abundance –  It is formed by fusing lead and zinc atoms in a heavy ion accelerator


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