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Home / Electrical / Basic Electronics Engineering (Handwritten) Lecture Notes PDF

Basic Electronics Engineering (Handwritten) Lecture Notes PDF

Basic Electronics Engineering Handwritten Creative Color Lecture Notes PDF

basic electronics handwritten notes pdf

Basic electronics subject is the base of Electronics Engineering and every Electrical & Electronics Student or Scholar Should clear all the concepts By starting with the Basics, before the Study of Advanced subjects of Electronics Engineering.

Importance of Knowledge in Learning:- Knowledge does more help students to develop their thinking skills (It makes learning easier). Nowadays, real problem with the students is that there are very difficult to find the best content notes in the digital world. 

That’s why here we are providing you the Excellent content Premium Notes of Toppers in a well-Designed manner, which will be definitely very helpful for your exam. Basic Electronics notes will help you to high scoring in 1st year and in Engineering Competitive exams like GATE, IES, SSC JE, FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) etc… We wish that every student clears his concepts to the deep level and having good scores in his exams. We covers almost all topics of Basic Electronics.

Why NewtonDesk Notes is Important?

Nowadays Students Pay High amount of Fees in coaching or institutes to Preparation of various Exams, But According to Toppers Self study is the best way to crack any exam. However for self-study, students don’t have proper guidance and best study material to Preparation of his exams, that’s why NewtonDesk Team has started a new program with the help of Toppers and Highly Experienced Teachers to provide the Best content Digital Notes, which is specially designed for self-study.

Key Features of Basic Electronics Notes
(1) All Depth Concepts with Solved Problems (Sufficient for High Score in Exams).
(2) High Quality Scanned Pages. 
(3) All Stuff Written in well design manner.
(4) Colored Notes will help you to keep your Focus for a Long Time.
(5) Latest Notes for Upcoming exam.

Note:- Unlike reading from books, there is a Magic to reading from our handwritten colored notes. We highly recommend you to do the Study with Creative Notes.

Cost of Notes:- These Notes are not expensive as comparison to our expertise hard work, But it depends on you, that what is important for you, Money or Quality Content. If you are serious student about this subject, I hope you will go for the quality content, and for this, we ensure you will never regret your decision after buy Basic Electronics notes. It’s like a TREASURE for students to get high scores in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Competitive Exams, Never missed it.

Goal of Basic Electronics Notes
Helpful Exam:
        Ist Year of B.E / / B.Sc 

Targeted Exam:     All Engineering Competitive Exams Like ESE / GATE / FE (NCEES)

Following Topics are covered in Basic Electronics Handwritten Colored Notes PDF: –

Introduction (Atomic structure, Energy of an electron, Energy level and diagram, Types of Bonds, Classification of solids, Types of semiconductors)
Semi-Conductor Diodes and its Applications (P-N Junction Diodes, Equivalent circuit, Rectifier, Filters)
Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT operation, BJT voltage and current, BJT amplification, Common base, Common emitter and common collector characterstics)
BJT Biasing (BJT biasing, DC load line, BIAS point, BASE bias, Voltage divider BIAS)
Operational Amplifier (Ideal OP amplifier, Inverting & Non Inverting OP amplifier, Op amplifier applications, Voltage follower, Addition, Substraction, Integretion, Differentiation)
Digital Electronics (Switching & Logic levels, Digital waveform, Number system, Boolean algebra theorem, DE Morgan’s theorem, Digital circuits, Half & Full adder)
Flip Flops (NAND & NOR Gate Latch, RS Flip Flops, Gated Flip flops, Clocked RS Flip flops)
Micro Controller (8051 Microcontroller, Architechture and an example of Microcontroller based steper motor control system)
Communication System (Elements, Modulation, Spectrum Power, DeModulation, Frequency and phase modulation, Amplitude and frequency modulation and comparision)
Transducer (Passive electrical transducer, Resistive transducers, Resistance thermometers, Thermistor, LVDT, Active electrical, Piezoelectric & Photoelectric Transducers)

Note:- Original File is Much Better than Sample

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  2. Need semiconductor fabrication and characterization notes handwritten for University of Delhi (CBCS elctronics syllabus)

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