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Home / International Organizations / United Nations (UN) History, Purpose, Organs
United Nations (UN) History, Purpose, Organs

United Nations (UN) History, Purpose, Organs

United Nations (UN)
Established:-   24 October, 1945 (After 2nd World war)
Headquarter:-   Manhattan, New York City (Unites States)
Type:-   Intergovernmental Organization (IGOs)
Members:-   193 states (Countries)
Language:-   French, Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic
Working Language:-   English & French


Maintaining International Peace and Security.
Developing Friendly Relations among nations.
Promote cooperation among nations to solve economic, social, cultural or humanitarian international problems.
Providing a platform to bring countries together to fulfill the objectives and goals of the United Nations.


# UN General Assembly
# UN Secretariat
# International Court of Justice
# UN Security Council
# UN Economic and Social Council
# UN Trusteeship Council


# F.D. Roosevelt (Former US President) suggest the name “United Nations”.
# Dumbarton Oak Conference held in 1944 at Washington for the conversation on International Peace and Security Organization.
# Blue print of UN signed in San Francisco Conference (26 June 1945) by 51 States.
# United Nations Day is celebrated on 24 October.
# South Sudan was admitted as the 193rd Member of the UN in 2011.
# UN Headquarters designed by Architect Wallace Kirkman Harrison.


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