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Home / English Vocabulary / Seduce – Persuade To Have Sex
Seduce – Persuade To Have Sex

Seduce – Persuade To Have Sex

(si-dyus) Seduce (vb.)

(आकर्षित करना / लुभाना / बहकाना / संभोग के लिए फुसलाना)

Persuade to have sex / Attract someone to a belief or into a course of action that is unreasonable / To persuade someone to do something that they would consider difficult to refuse.

Syn- Attract, Lure, Tempt, Entice, Allure, Inveigle, Maneuver

E.g-1. A prison inmate seduces a female guard as part of his escape plan.

2. Buyers are seduced by a car’s styling, performance and brand image.

3. Garry finally seduced Alina for tonight.

4. People are seduced by the promise of cheap, immediate results.

5.  Yesterday, He was trying to seduce his secretary.


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