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Creative Ways To Use OTG Cable/Adapter With Smartphones

OTG cable

Do you use OTG in the phone ?

Now USB On-The-Go (OTG) features are coming in most of the Android phones. If you use this feature correctly, you can easily complete many tasks with a Smartphone. 

Let’s know about the usefulness of this feature.

Does Your Phone Support OTG?

  • There are several ways to check OTG support in the phone.
  • Companies mention this thing on their site, while there are options to Unable-disable the OTG in some mobile phone settings.
  • One simple another way is to get help from free apps like USB OTG checker or USB OTG tester.
  • You can also use the CPU-X of Pacific Developers, It shows detailed information of Android device.

Make Data Sharing Easier

  • Apps like Share-it and Xender have made it easy to transfer wireless content between smart devices.
  • But if you want to copy the data in large quantities then what will you do ?
  • Now you can connect a USB flash drive, portable hard drive or micro SD card with the Smartphone by using the OTG adapter.

usb flash drive otg


Print Without Computer

  • You can use OTG to print anything directly from the phone.
  • Connect the Smartphone and USB OTG adapter from the USB cable that comes with the printer.
  • When selecting the print command from the options menu, most of the new printers automatically appear in the phone.
  • New printers are coming with new features, In which we can print anything directly with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet etc… 

print by otg

Make Mini Desktop

  • You can connect a wired keyboard or mouse to the Smartphone for navigation and input from the USB OTG adapter.
  • Android automatically detects the connected keyboard and doesn’t even need to install a third-party driver. Just connect and type directly in any app.

mini desktop

Get Control On Your DSLR

  • Now Wi-Fi has been added for remote control and wireless transfers in DSLR.
  • Connect the camera to the Smartphone with a USB OTG adapter and data transfer cable.
  • Install DSLR Control App from Play store. It allows to control the Nikon or Canon DSLR shutter.

camera with otg

Enjoy Of Light And Fan

  • Now USB OTG Ready LED lights and fans have come.
  • It Connects with micro USB to the phone.
  • You can use the USB OTG Adapter for that.

light and fan by otg

Improve Your Games

  • Not everyone can Play games with touch screen.
  • This happens mostly in the third-party action or racing games.
  • For this, can connect wired game controllers with Smartphones by OTG and enjoy gaming.

games with otg

Increase Battery Capacity

  • There are several smart phones coming in the market, which have 4000 to 5000 mAh batteries.
  • It also supports reverse charging.
  • For this, You have to check your mobile phone model.
  • On this kind of Smartphone, you can connect another Smartphone to the charging cable with the help of OTG.
  • In this way, you can take use the first Smartphone as a portable power bank.
  • If your fitness band’s power has ended, you can charge it also in the same manner.
  • This is quite useful.

phone charge by otg

Real Thermal Imaging

  • Manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras FLIR has built a USB OTG FLIR camera for Android Smartphones.
  • After turning on this 29-gram accessory, download the FLIR app and you will get the contactless thermal camera.
  • It has its own battery. Therefore, it does not consume power from the connected device.
  • It uses MSX technology like a built-in FLIR camera Smartphone (CAT S60). With this, You can also see the temperature with details.

thermal imaging otg

Want Fast Internet ?

  • Ethernet is primarily used for connectivity on the desktop.
  • If Wi-Fi is not available or needs a fast speed, then you can also use it on your Smartphone phone.
  • For this, need two thing –
  1. USB OTG Adapter
  2. USB to Ethernet Adapter
  • Connect both the adapters simultaneously and plug-in the Ethernet cable.
  • Ensure, that Wi-Fi and 3G/4G data are switched off so that the phone can switch over wired connections.

ethernet otg

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